Creston PTA strives to engage and empower families in our community to advocate and support their children so that they can reach their full potential. We are dedicated to collaborating with the school to promote student health, well-being and educational success through strong parent, family and community involvement.


Research shows that children whose parents and families are engaged in and hold high expectations of their education tend to earn better grades, have higher graduations rates, and are more likely to enroll in post-secondary education.

Creston PTA is committed to engaging parents in meaningful ways, so that families can actively support their children’s and adolescents’ learning and development.


Creston PTA has established multiple school-to-home communication strategies to strengthen families’ knowledge and skills which support and extend their children’s learning at home and in the community. We work to engage families in school planning, leadership and meaningful volunteer opportunities. Connect with us today! Creston School PTA in Portland.

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